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Mastering Risk for Construction Professionals – Pre-Order

Mastering Risk Management for Construction Professionals

The success of construction projects depends on how well the uncertainties on the project is managed. Risks in construction projects are the greatest at the earliest stages of the project, and these risks need to be managed throughout the project through the implementation of sound business and construction practices. The value of managing these risks depends on the success achieved with the pro-active efforts to minimize the negative impacts of threats and to maximize the positive impact of opportunities. The typical steps of planning for risk management, identifying risks, conducting a risk analysis, and planning the appropriate risk responses are of little value if the selected responses are not implemented and monitored throughout the project life-cycle. This course addresses all of these aspects by incorporating lectures, assignments and quizzes. The course is developed to cater for the needs of the construction professional in South Africa.

Course Price: R 699
Pre-Order Cost: R 299
Date of Completion: 28 July 2020
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This course is accredited with ECSA, On completion of the course, Students will be able to claim 2 CPD Points from ECSA.

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