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Read the F.A.Q

Is registration free?

Yes, Registration for students and instructors is Free.

Are the courses really accredited?

Yes, courses that are accredited, are accredited with their respective accreditation bodies before it can be on CPD Portal. Students who do accredited courses will be able to claim the accreditation after completion of the course.

Will I be able to earn CPD points?

Yes, upon completion of the course a certificate will be issued, granting you access to claim your CPD points.

So this means I can purchase a course and claim my CPD points without working through or completing the course?

No not at all, the CPD Portal platform was carefully and thoroughly designed to cut out ‘fast access’ to CPD points. The platform has strict coding rules which are checked by the platform. Certain conditions has to be met to complete a course. A detailed report is compiled on your progress / results and time spent on lessons, this is automatically submitted to the relative accreditation bodies for review before allocating your CPD points.

What quality is the video?

CPD Portal requires all instructors to record their content in the highest possible quality 720p or 1080p, The content is then uploaded to our very own super fast streaming server which is based locally – so that delegates can stream the content without interruptions and highest possible quality.
* Difference in quality depends on your internet speed.

Can I upload a course that is not accredited?

Yes, by all means! CPD Portal welcomes all knowledge – if you have knowledge – we will put you out there!