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Leadership Skills for Engineers

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Video Tutorials


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Course content

7 Lessons

Introduction & Welcome

Expectations Assignment
Welcome and Introduction Lesson

The Need for Management


Financial Planning & Budgeting

Self Understanding


Emotional Intelligence

Project Management



Coaching & Counselling

Performance Appraisals

Conflict Management


Decision Making

Problem Solving

Managing Change

Time Management



Engineering training typically focuses on the technical aspects of the work. This is probably the result of training providers having to meet very high expectations and cover a huge amount of topics and aspects of the field of study. Once graduated, engineers then walk into a junior position where the
task is mainly of a technical nature – as can be expected.

Soon thereafter the technical work start turning into supervisory and eventually into a management role. The technical training received at university, however, does not cater for or prepare the engineer for the challenges of managing people.

This course has been designed to train engineers and other technical staff in dealing with matters such as managing people, budgeting, project management, managing change and making decisions.

What to learn?

Upon completing this course, the delegate will:* Understand the principles of management. * Understand the makings of a leader. * Compare and differentiate between leaders and managers. * Do a self-evaluation to determine personality type. * Understand the meaning of different personality types and how that affects the way people behave and respond. * Understand how to organise and plan work and projects * Discuss leadership styles and roles * Discuss methods to manage people using delegation, teamwork, coaching, counselling and change management. * Understand the problem solving process * Practice effective communication methods, time management tools and conflict handling skills.


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Target Audience

  • Engineers
  • Technical Staff
  • Supervisors
  • Managers


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Experienced Managing Consultant with a demonstrated history in the industrial engineering field. Skilled in Project management, Business Process Engineering, Manufacturing Support and Improvement, Quality Systems and Training. I am a professional industrial engineer and MBA graduate, with many years of
R899.00 R399.00

Material Includes

  • This course will consist of a number of:
  • * Instructional videos,
  • * Exercises,
  • * Case Studies
  • * and self-tests.


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