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Chapter 1: Introduction

Pursuing your certificate

Chapter 2: Overview of project management concepts

Chapter 3: Creating a MSP File

Chapter 4: Setting project level information

Chapter 5: Project default settings

Chapter 6: Calendars

Chapter 7: Resources

Chapter 8: Cost rates

Chapter 9: Resource availability

Chapter 10: Tasks

Chapter 11: Dependencies

Chapter 12: Assign resources

Chapter 13: Fixed price estimates

Chapter 14: Time constraints

Chapter 15: Schedule conflicts

Chapter 16: Project baseline

Chapter 17: Project progress

Chapter 18: Update progress – Mark on Track

Chapter 19: Update Progress – percent complete from ribbon

Chapter 20: Updating Progress – the Update Tasks dialog box

Chapter 21: Update progress – Task information dialog box

Chapter 22: Update cost

Chapter 23: Task types

Chapter 24: Project variance

Chapter 25: Corrective action

Chapter 26: Progress Reporting

Chapter 27: Customized Reports

Chapter 28: Creating a template from a project plan

Chapter 29: Additional MS Project features and Functions

Claiming your CPD Points

1.1: Introduction
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