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Welcome, Introduction and Survey

Please note that this course is under development, but since business and life cannot wait, we'll approach things in a as needed manner.
Welcome and Introduction
Pre-Course Survey

Lesson 1 – The Business Plan


This is a free course.
This course will discuss the basics of setting up a business. We will cover things like finding start-up capital, drawing up a business plan, types of businesses, how and where you can find business and customers, finding suppliers and other support.

What to learn?

This is a FREE course. It introduces the basics of starting a business in South Africa and introduces our follow-up courses.


  • This course has no requirements except for a desire to learn. Some of the topics might not be applicable, so you have the option to skip over those bits.

Target Audience

  • Anyone considering starting a small business. Larger businesses with extensive legislative requirements will probably need more specialised advice and training.


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2 Courses

Just a guy with a family and a dog.I have studied lots of things and worked for big corporates, but life had other plans! I'm here to help you get your business started.It took me hundreds of hours

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